Recommended Product: Concealer

Alright ladies, this one is just for you. I am always being asked for my makeup secrets. Now that I have my own blog, I can finally share some of them with you. This is what I call my "saving grace." This product has saved me time after time. 

Whether is it sun spots, acne, or dark circles, it seems everyone has something they would like to cover up. This, my friends, is a cure all. I have tried so many products and none seem to compare in value and price. 

This is a perfecting concealer that you can pick up for $23.00 at Sephora or from Stila's website. It is rather small because you don't need a lot of it due to how concentrated it is. It only takes the smallest dab to cover any imperfection. 

Depending on what I am covering, I generally place a small dot of the concealer on my finger (you can also use a small brush if you don't want to use your finger) and blot it on to make it blend in. Remember, less is more. You don't want to make it look caked on. If you are using it to cover dark circles, it make take more. (Finding the perfect shade of under-eye concealer can be tricky. The correct shade is the one that best matches the skin. If it looks yellow it is too dark; if it looks gray it is too light.) If you have a really stubborn one, lightly dab powder on top of the concealer to set it. 

Personally, I love this products. As a model, you have to go to so many castings without any makeup on. Models have flaws too! We break out or have imperfections we want covered. I put this on the blemish or imperfection, blend it in, and head to my casting. No one has ever noticed that I had any makeup on. And trust me, sometimes they sit outside of castings with makeup remover just in case they catch anyone wearing it when they shouldn't. 

I hope you like this product and I look forward to sharing more of my secrets with you! Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to share as well.